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Hoosier Crappie and Catfish Guide Service

                        A Complete Crappie and Catfish Guide Service in Indiana
                                             Raccoon Lake, Eagle Creek, Geist Reservoir and Lake Cataract.

                                                                                                Guaranteed to catch fish!


Today I had Joe Fischer and Mote Dull for an extremely windy day... The wind started out at 13 mph and got up to 30 mph gusts my noon.

 We ended the day early ( Their call.) and they had 14 crappie with ten good keepers. They told me over and over how much fun they had and my response was they should see it when the wind isn't blowing so hard. Anyway we all had fun even though mother nature made it tuff on us. Water temp 64 deg. Air temp 45 deg.


Today I had Todd Haun and his buddy Jim ( Bird). The bite was horrible and the wind was worse as we fought the wind all day the fish did not bite as they only caught 38 crappie with only 12 worth keeping... 


Today I took Tom and Mike Ryan.. The bite was extremely slow as they managed to catch 55 crappie and only 20 being keepers.


Today I took outdoor writer Tom Berg out trolling for catfish.

Along with my buddy Bob Raymer they landed 33 cats


Today I had long time friend Tim Dixon and his buddy Joe for a crappie fishing trip.

They caught 173 crappie and kept their limit of 50 nice crappies.

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