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Hoosier Crappie and Catfish Guide Service

                        A Complete Crappie and Catfish Guide Service in Indiana
                                             Raccoon Lake, Eagle Creek, Geist Reservoir and Lake Cataract.

                                                                                                Guaranteed to catch fish!

November 16th

Today I had Mike Beiser for a 7 hour crappie trip.

 Mike wanted to learn a little more on how to locate crappie so we spent some time side imaging and we did find some new spots that held fish. 

 We did find some spots that looked great but we never pulled a fish from them so we kept moving around until we found the active fish.

 I personally only like to give a spot about 10 minutes to produce a fish and if it doesn't happen then I move on.

 We were lucky on the wind conditions for about the first 4 hours as the winds were not bad at all but they did however start to blow hard later in the morning.

 We managed 120 crappie and Mike took home 47 crappie that we kept.

 Water temp was 50 deg and all fish were caught on Lake Fork Baby Shad

November 10th

Today I had Mike and Bill Impson who have fished with me two other times and caught a ton of fish however today was not one of those days.

 They caught 16 crappie and one catfish... Not sure what the heck happened but the fish were not biting for us today.

 Still enjoyed the day on the water even though the wind was blowing 15 to 18 mph... Of course the wind laid down as soon as we left.

 Looking forward to our spring trip so we can take revenge out on these crappies..

Water temp 51 deg...

November 9th

Today I had Brandon Holland crappie fishing.

 He caught right at 100 crappie and took home his 25 and I let him take my 23 that we kept.

 Great day considering we fished in 30+ mph winds.

Brandon wanted to learn about how to locate crappie and when we started out I showed him what I look for when side imaging and sure enough we found a new spot where he put several fish in the boat.

 Water temp 52 deg.

Lake Fork Baby Shad tipped with Wax worms.

November 3rd


Today I had Jeff and Andrew Schwarz for a crappie and catfish trip.

 The bite was slow as they caught 38 crappie and 6 catfish... 

The weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun today.

Water temp 58 deg.

November 2nd

Today I had John Alverson and Ken Duncan for a 7 hour crappie trip.

 It was quite cool on the water with the wind blowing but they did manage to catch 102 crappie and several perch.

 They kept 50 nice crappies and I believe 6 or 7 nice perch.

Water temp 54 deg.

All caught on Lake Fork Baby Shad

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