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Hoosier Crappie and Catfish Guide Service

                        A Complete Crappie and Catfish Guide Service in Indiana
                                             Raccoon Lake, Eagle Creek, Geist Reservoir and Lake Cataract.

                                                                                                Guaranteed to catch fish!

April 29th 2013

Today I had Andy Dillman on a seven hour crappie trip.

 Andy was alone so I fished with him and we managed to land 185 crappie.

 We had several 11 to 12" fish with two at 13". Andy took home 50 nice slabs today.

All fish once again were caught spider rigging with Cumberland crappie rod holders, Double seat mount and rod rack.

The bait of choice was Lake Fork Baby Shad  all three styles.... Juiced up baits was used as well.

 Water temp 55 deg.

April 28th 2013

Today I had Joe Baumann on a seven hour crappie trip.

 He fished alone so I sat down beside him and fished as well. It was a great day on the water even though it rained for the first couple of hours.

 We caught at least 200 crappie and he took home 50 real nice crappies with a few big slabs.

 All the fish were caught on Lake Fork Baby Shad, SIckle Tail and Boot tail as well. I sprayed them with Juiced up baits and Gel.

 Once agin the Cumberland crappie products worked perfect!

 I look forward to our next trip.

Water temp 57 deg.

April 14th 2013

Today I had Mike and Bill Impson from Dayton Ohio.

 They could only fish until noon today but they did manage to catch 175 crappie in four hours of fishing.

 They released everything they caught since they didn't have time to clean fish when they got home.

 It was a great day on the water since the wind didn't blow like the weatherman said it was going to.

All fish were caught on Lake Fork Baby Shad with Juiced up Baits gel and once again the Cumberland Crappie rod holders performed perfect!

Water temp 54 deg.

April 7th 2013

Today I took Brian Shaw and Jeff Gordon fishing for Bluegill on a private lake.

 We caught well over 200 fish and really enjoyed the day.

March 23rd 2013

Today I had John Alverson and Denny for a 7 hour crappie trip.

 The bite started out fast and furious for about two hours then when the clouds moved out so did the bite. We stuck around the same area for a long time working back and forth but we couldn't get another bite.

 So we moved out to deeper water and fish there for a short time with no bites. Then we worked two other areas with no luck at all so we went back to the first area and they couldn't keep a line in the water for the first 20 mintues.

 The first two hours they caught 46 fish with 30 of them being keepers anf then the last 2 hours they finished off their limit of 50 and proceeded to catch 101 crappie for the day.

Water temp was 39 to 41 deg.

 All fish were caught on Lake Fork Live Baby shad in all three styles. Sickle and boot tail produced very well today.

 I used Juiced up Baits spray and Gel which helped convince the fish to bite.

As always I had a great time with two great guy's. I look forward to our May trip.

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