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Hoosier Crappie and Catfish Guide Service

                        A Complete Crappie and Catfish Guide Service in Indiana
                                             Raccoon Lake, Eagle Creek, Geist Reservoir and Lake Cataract.

                                                                                                Guaranteed to catch fish!


Today I had Charles and Ken Russell on a seven hour crappie trip.

 We had perfect conditions for late June. Cloudy with a threat of rain and no wind.... That threat of rain kept the boaters off the lake and it made for a pleasant day on the water.

 They managed to catch 87 crappie and took home 40 nice fish with a few real nice crappie and one catfish arounf 10 pounds.

All fish caught on Lake Fork Live Baby Shad in all colors but the darker colors seemed to be the better bite.

 Water temp 80 deg. 

 Shared a lot of laughs today... Looking forward to a future trip.


Today I had John Sillings and Gary Brooks at Raccoon Lake. The lake has been on a steady fall since being 18 foot above normal pool.

 The bite was very slow all day long. They caught 37 crappie with 14 being keeper size. No real big ones caught at all.

 We switched over to catfish and they too were not biting. This is the worst I have ever seen the bite on Raccoon and I feel it's because the water has been falling .5 to 1ft each day.

 All and all the weather was great for most of the day until the high winds picked up around noon.

 I spent two other days on the lake prior to the trip trying to put something together for our trip but since we had to postpone it twice before we decided to go ahead with the trip because the weather was perfect.

 I look forward to our future trip so they can get the full experience of catching a lot of fish.


Today I had Ron Cook and Ken Duncan out for their second trip of the year.

 The bite was slow as they only caught 67 crappie with 36 of them being keepers.

Water temp 71 deg.

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