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Hoosier Crappie and Catfish Guide Service

                        A Complete Crappie and Catfish Guide Service in Indiana
                                             Raccoon Lake, Eagle Creek, Geist Reservoir and Lake Cataract.

                                                                                                Guaranteed to catch fish!


Today I had Jerry Hannigan and Tyler out for catfishing.

 They landed 51 nice cats as we trolled on a lake that I have only fished one other time for cats.

 WHisker Seekers make it easy to catch alot of big fish.



Today I had Bill and company out for a crappie and catfish trip.

 The crappie bite was some slow but steady and the catfish bite was not happening.... The day before I prefished looking for crappies and cats.. Well the crappie bite was on fire but once again no catfish...

 I have never been skunked on cats but two days in a row really hurts ones ego. They tell me at the boat ramp that the past four days they have been spraying the lake for weeds so I'm not sure if that has a impact on the catfish or not but I typically land 20+ fish every time out...

Water temp was 77 deg. Down about 10 deg from normal.


Today I had the record holders of most catfish ever caught in a six hour trip Rick and Logan Kopfler.

 Last year they set the record of 54 catfish caught during a guide trip.... Great day on the water!

This year has been another kind of year... It has been a very tough summer for catfishing as the water temps are only 74 in the morning and getting to 77 in the afternoon where as the water temp should be 84 to 88 deg. Cold fronts passing through on a regular basis and really messing things up.

 Anyway this year they managed to land 13 catfish with the largest being 7.5 pounds.

Even though the bite was slow I still had a great time fishing with these two.

I look forward to our trip in 2014.

Water temp 74 to 77 deg.

Baits were Whisker Seeker rattlers and spinners with cut bait on them.

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