Do you know why you keep turning every night on your bed? Do you know why after the day's work you feel like your body is a lump of wood when you climb your bed for nightly rest? Do you know why after taking that heavy meal, you feel like you have swallowed a stone regardless of all the water you take? Do you know what you need to drink in order to make you enjoy that nightly rest with ease and comfort? The answer to all these questions can be answered in one simple sentence and which you need to take herbal teas to guarantee you the rest you are looking to get.


Regardless of that coffee drink or the zillion trusty beverages you drink, none can give you the trusty rest you are looking for if you don't use the herbal tea. The coffee drink has caffeine which is designed to keep the body awake mentally and physically, the soda drinks you consume only serve to give you more energy boost and a digestive assistance and those tea drinks you get from the chain stores only serve to add more nutrients to your body but the herbal tea is one created to give you the rest you want for the night.

The herbal teas are one of the best tea in the world I can guarantee you. The herbal tea is free from caffeine content and it generally has no side effects associated with it. The Chinese are the most popular people who make use of the herbal tea because they recognize its numerous potentials which involve the herbal tea having qualities which can make it a medicine and a relaxation drink as well. The Chinese who are the originators of tea in the world continue to retain their herbal popularity as more and more products from these herbal tea plants continue to be innovated. 



There is often a misconception that the herbal tea does not function as desired and that just like any other medicinal or essential oil and holistic treatments, it is bound to not give the desired effects which the plant is known for. These conceptions are not true because the herbal tea has a wide range of use in the world and the numerous reports of people who have used the tea have shown that the herbal tea indeed produces the effects of which it is soughed for. The misconception of this herbal tea comes as a result of the unfortunate fact that people make use of the wrong herbal teas for the right reasons and so, they give sad reports about their discoveries.

There is a host of many herbal teas which you can buy on the internet today and given the wide range of many practices it is not unlikely that one would end up buying the wrong products for the right reasons. Products like the chocolate orange flavoured coffee is also said to be a sleeping aid, although not proven and this thing can make people sought after the chocolate herbal tea and report at the end it didn't work for the reason I bought it. Hence, in order to avoid issues as such here, I have compiled some herbal teas which if used can give you the peaceful night rest that you are so much looking for.


The Lavender tea is a general herbal tea which is well known as a concoction which is used for the inducement of a healthy sleep. The lavender tea is made from the blossoms of the lavender plant and the lavender tea has a wide history of being used as a traditional concoction for sleeping and for the purpose of relaxation as well. The lavender herbal tea is also used to treat mild cases of insomnia and it is not known for knocking the person out or making the person become severely drowsy but it would assist you to reach a state of where your sleep would come peacefully and easily.

The next on the list is the Chamomile Tea, the chamomile tea is known for its usefulness for the purpose of relaxation but, it can also be used for the indecent of sleep as well. The Chamomile herbal tea is made from the chamomile plant a plant which blossoms with a cluster of petite flowers. The chamomile is used in traditional medicines to aid digestion and help insomnia, it can also be used to cure allergies. The chamomile tea is made from putting the dried flowers in hot water solution and then it can be drunk as desired. The chamomile tea is one of the easiest tea to find in the market given to the fact that a host of many people uses the tea for the inducement of sleep and relaxation as well but it is not as effective as the lavender herbal plant. The chamomile is easy to find and can also be produced by you in a backyard garden and it can also be used for the lawn instead of the normal grass.

The Linden Herbal Tea is a tea made from the Linden leaf and it is used as a traditional medicinal herb in many ways. The linden herbal plant can be used to treat mild illnesses and even colds, it can also be used to treat headaches as well. The linden herbal tea has a sedative effect, which makes the linden tea good for the relaxation purpose and sleeping purpose as well.

The Passion Flower Herbal Tea is a traditional tea which is derived from the leaves of the Passiflora plant. The herbal plant is a native of the North Americans and the tea can be used to induce sleep, assist with relaxation, used as a sedative and there is also the belief that the tea can be used to treat issues associated with agitations and worries. The passion flower herbal tea is to be taken in moderation and is not to be taken in overdoses, the reason for this is that the passion flower can be toxic if consumed in excessive doses and the tea is not to be taken with any other thing.